Rainy days & Mondays; Things to do on a rainy vacation day

Rainy days & Mondays; Things to do on a rainy vacation day

By Joseph Tusoy | August 23, 2021

Rainy days & Mondays;


A summer's day downpour may not be a perfect weather condition for most but it provides the ideal ambiance to relax. Not only does the calming sounds of raindrops soothe us to our cores, but it also showers fresh feels to our staycation trips. Rather than let a rainy day ruin a vacation day, check out these ideas.


Getting cozy with coffee

A jazz vibe over a warm coffee is like taking your first deep breath of the day. You could be at Café Paradiso, listening to the company of loved ones as you indulge in laughter and vibrant chats while surrounded by carefree gestures from baristas. What's better than a warm latte on a rainy day? Delicious food and pastries! They offer lavish nosh if you're craving more!


Bring the fun indoors

Rainy days might be perfect cuddle weather but it doesn't have to always be a snore-fest. That’s when board games become handy. Instead of feeling down about this gray day, try playing some board games with friends and family members - they'll help bring out those happy memories from time spent together before winter starts blowing at full force again! You could visit the Bargain Box shop located in the town square and acquire a complete set of board games or 3d puzzles at a discounted price that the entire family. will end up enjoying.


Muddy Puddles

If you are like me, blessed with having to witness the curiosity of an adventurous daughter, you’d book your calendar for rainy days.  That’s when she knows her pretty boots, or rainbow umbrella has to reign supreme.  As a family, we’d usually go to search for some muddiest puddles at the parks. We must be really into it as we created a map to locate these adorn “secret spots”.   (hint, our favorite puddles can be found at Chautauqua Park)


Museum Adventures

If you checked out my last blog, you know I'm a big fan of the Carnegie Museum. And what better time to explore the nooks and crannies of this antiquity-filled building than during a downpour.  The curator is so knowledgeable and I guarantee that you will make a lot of discoveries. Check out that post here.


Happy and memorable moments are found anywhere and anytime. The rainy season has its own flavor of adventure to explore too. Here's to seizing opportunities to create life-building moments through all seasons! 




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