This Museum Will Leave You Breathless

This Museum Will Leave You Breathless

By Joseph Tusoy | June 23, 2021

Who would have thought that somewhere in the city of Fairfield there's this little place which has been housing valuable relics and priceless artifacts that commemorates the colorful chronicles of the past?

That exactly how I found myself on my visit to the Carnegie museum on one summer's afternoon.

The inner child in me was all excited. I can recall that my tour of the museum seems like an exhilarating RPG (computer game) adventure. I did not even remember strolling through gallery sections, perhaps it feels that "I was traveling through the different worlds".

In such quest,  I get to explore what I would describe as "realms":

The Birds & Biospheres
 I was greeted by animal relics. Many of which are birds whose bodies are well preserved through the art of taxidermy. They have been on the display for over a century. They look so alive you would think they are.

Primeval Civilizations
 It is affirming to see a glimpse of our ancestor's instinctive creativity through the tools and weapons they produced. Here, you can see Native American potteries and  Roman antiquities among others.

Remnants of the Civil War
The place is not short hyperrealistic touches. It sure incites curiosity and triggers some old familiar feelings. At one point, I feel the fragility of a life walking between the mannequins wearing military uniforms standing in the "living" room filled with antique ornaments, and war posters.

Memoirs of Fairfield's Historical Wonder
Did you know Fairfield is the first town to have illuminated a light tower? Did you know  It happened 2 weeks after Thomas Edison installed street lights in the city of New York?
Did you know The Louden Machinery Company, a Fairfield local, hailed once as the world's pioneer and innovator in the hay and dairy industry?

I am reminded time and again that there's so much to know about our beloved history-rich city!


I came in with the hope to see spectacles that my eyes can feast on. I went out getting so much that I can ever anticipate. There are many things that I ended up filling my jar with: the knowledge about the ancestor's past, the insights of the city's history, and the satisfaction of seeing artistic sceneries.

If you have not yet, go visit Carneige Museum. Not only is it listed on the National Register of Historic Places, I guarantee you will find surprises around every corner.  It's worth it!

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Joseph Tusoy

Joseph Tusoy is a Software Developer by profession. He has been writing programs and building applications for over a decade. He graduated Masters in Computer Science from Maharishi International University on December of 2020.

Inspired by the city’s reinvigorating serenity and artistic vibes, he got more attuned to his creativity and passion that includes content writing and graphics design.

He enjoys family time with his wife and daughter visiting parks.