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The Parsons College Alumni Hall is located in the Stephen Sondheim Center for the Performing Arts lobby located within the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center.  Parsons College was a four year lieral arts college founded in 1895 by General Lewis Baldwin Parsons.  The college remained as a small school until the mid-1950's when a new direction by the board of directors was found.  They hired Dr. Millard G. Roberts from upstate New York to guide the college's future growth.  When Dr. Roberts arrived total enrollment was 500 students.  In the Fall of 1966 total enrollment exceeded 5,500 students.  The college closed with its final grgaduation, June 3, 1973.  The spirit lives on with our alumni and a focal point is our Parsons College Alumni Hall.

The students, faculty and friends of Parsons College have donated in excess of $200,000 to have the naming rights for this portion of the reception area of the Center.  John Blackstock, class 1964, provided the challenge and the vision to establish a "Parsons College Wall of Honor" at the dedication of the Alumni Hall in 2008. October of 2009 found the inaugural class being inducted.  Teh students and alumni of Parsons College have gone on to make their mark in society, Locally, Nationally and internationally.  This provides us a way of honoring and remembering the nurturing and education the students and alumni of Parsons College received during their time attending classes in Fairfield.

The Alumni Hall features rotating displays highlighting the accomplishments and memories of various activities of the college.  The east wall provides an area for displaying photographs, highlighting some of the distinguished visitors tot he college during the 1950'5 – 1960's, the heyday of Parsons College.

The Wall of Honor is on the west wall, honoring distinguished Parson graduates.