‘Wiches of Fairfield

‘Wiches of Fairfield

By Visit Fairfield | October 28, 2020

‘Wiches of Fairfield

There’s no better witch than a sand-WICH!

Celebrate Halloween this year with the best witch of all… the sand WICH.  The humble sandwich has been the staple of many a lunchbox. Bread-filling-bread, it’s the perfect trifecta of the culinary world. While there are disputes as to when the first sandwich was created, one thing we know is that there are some great ‘wiches in Fairfield.  So allow us to take you on a brief tour of some of the highlights.

spicy chicken sandwich Fairfield, IowaSpicy Jalapeno Chicken Sandwich

Imagine yourself staring down at the tastiest piece of fried buttermilk chicken ever. And then you add a layer of muenster cheese, jalapeno slaw, chipotle mayo.  Surround it by a brioche bun and you’ve got the Spicy Jalapeno Chicken Sandwich from Big Schwilly’s Chicken Dillys. Known for its fried chicken and burgers, Chicken Dillys is also a haven for craft beverages so slide up to the bar and wash that chicken sandwich down with a great craft brew.  And while you’re at it, be sure to get a side of deep-fried pickles! Check out their full menu here.

Slow-smoked Beef Brisket Sandwich

Maybe your idea of a great sandwich includes BBQ sauce, in which case we direct your attention to the slow-smoked beef brisket creation from Sweet ’n Saucy BBQ. We’re talking real southern style, wood-fired BBQ. Some will tell you that this is the state dish of Texas to which we say, “welcome to the neighborhood Texas… let us show you how it’s done!” We love it with the punch of a spicy sauce and cheezy tators on the side; hash browns with sour cream, butter, and lots of cheese. Check out their full menu here.

Das Kraut Burger

But what about the burger, you say?? We’ve got you covered with one of Iowa’s best burgers. The Fishback & Stephenson Cider House makes a variety of burgers from locally raised beef and their beautiful taproom and patio make a great mealtime setting. Our favs?? The Barbershop special burger, with caramelized onions, spicy mustard, and caper aioli, makes our mouth water while the Das Kraut burger with sauerkraut, grilled pineapple, and pickled jalapeno will have your taste buds hopping with joy. And did we mention that the Cider House is also the Iowa Cider producer of the year?? Round out your burger experience with one of their special brews and… well… can we just ask “is this heaven?” Check out their full menu here.

Sweet Leaf Burrito

For our last feature, let’s move downtown to a popular dining spot, Ila Restaurant. We don’t know about you but whenever sweet potato is added to a sandwich, we know we are in for a special treat. And a local favorite, Ila restaurant, fulfills that promise on every level, combining pulled pork, jack cheese, spinach and greens with sweet potato, beans, and a special sauce, all rolled into a flour wrap to make the Sweet Leaf Burrito.  (It’s always about that “special sauce!) Of course if you like things a little more “saucy”, consider the Hot Meatball Sub with their signature marinara sauce. With fast, friendly service and charming atmosphere, an Ila’s ‘wich is definitely on our top list! Check out their full menu here.

Got a favorite Fairfield ‘wich? We’d love to hear about it!

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