What’s in store for you; shopping in downtown Fairfield


What’s in store for you; shopping in downtown Fairfield

By Joseph Tusoy | May 20, 2021

Shopping tops the list of my family's nice things to do. Not only does shopping afford us the time to relax and unwind, but it also gives us the chance to buy the nifty things that pique our interest.

And speaking of nifty things, Fairfield surely won't disappoint as there are lots of treasures at the stores waiting for you to discover!

Here is a list of stores to visit and some of their remarkable products to look for.


Two Eagles

Aside from the surreal Native American sculptures and aesthetic displays, the musical play of flute sets up the ambiance for a relaxing native world experience. Gemstones, calcites, stone blades, and quartz crystals are yours to see and adore. You will love the native-inspired crafts like weapons, headdresses, drums, pipes, and robes.

Not to forget, they also sell well-loved essential oils.

Thymely Solutions

This is your one-stop wellness shop. “A nature in a capsule" is how I would describe it.

With Thymely Solutions around the corner, no more excuses for not pampering our body with a plethora of health goodies. They sell flower essences, homeopathic remedies, natural vitamins, organic food supplements, and revitalizing aroma oils.


“Any child's paradise”. In case you run out of ideas to make your little one smile, this is the place to be!

Here's an idea, go find her a nice pair of shoes, and let her search for her new favorite toy. Rest assured, she is searching through a well-thought-of toy selection.

Collector Store

Targeted to a specific niche, this store proves that shopping is not just a simple trade (a boring barter of currency to goods). Instead, shopping is a quest for finding treasures.

The Collector Store has everything you can think of- action figures, comics, consoles, and other collectibles.  Enjoy the hunt!


Terra Natural

Terra is a well-loved brand.  It was once merely a resounding name in the online digital space. Now it has found its first brick and mortar establishment. Where? Nowhere else but here in Fairfield!

“Intelligent design by nature” is what propels the makers to produce a brand that supports indigenous crafts. They have stylish bags, facial masks, key chains, turban, among other chattels.

If you are looking for a gift or just want to spend a relaxing afternoon with the family, shopping downtown Fairfield is sure to fit the bill.





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Joseph Tusoy

Joseph Tusoy is a Software Developer by profession. He has been writing programs and building applications for over a decade. He graduated Masters in Computer Science from Maharishi International University on December of 2020.

Inspired by the city’s reinvigorating serenity and artistic vibes, he got more attuned to his creativity and passion that includes content writing and graphics design.

He enjoys family time with his wife and daughter visiting parks.