What I Enjoy About Cycling In Fairfield


What I Enjoy About Cycling In Fairfield

By Visit Fairfield | November 9, 2020

What I Enjoy About Cycling In Fairfield

By Dan Johnson

A late October day in Fairfield, Iowa, yielded above-average temperatures and mostly sunny skies. Not that I needed much of a reason, but this sure was a near-perfect opportunity for me to get out on my bicycle and ride.

Several miles into my outing, I shifted into a higher gear to prepare to increase my speed on the impending descent down a hilly section of the Fairfield Loop Trail. Just then, a blue jay appeared from the tree line and zipped past the front wheel of my bike, as if to say ‘you want to go fast, I’ll show you how it’s done’ and just as soon as it appeared, vanished into the trees on the other side of the trail.

Moments like the blue jay encounter are exactly why I love to get out on my bike and ride around town.

You can do so many things with your free time, especially in today’s age where we’re surrounded by, and perhaps overwhelmed, with technology and entertainment options, it is incredibly freeing to get out on a bike and soak up all of the beauty our cities, towns, and country have to offer. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the sunrises and sunsets here in Fairfield are pretty magical and incredible and bonus, make for great photo opportunities if you’re into capturing those moments digitally.


I grew up in central New York, about an hour outside of Syracuse. When I first visited Fairfield, I felt like I was back home. The rolling hills, sprawling trees, and lush grass just painted a familiar picture for me and ultimately made moving to a new city feel more comfortable.

Since relocating to Fairfield in 2019, I’ve spent plenty of time out on my bike exploring the local trails and all of the gravel and service roads in town. It really is a great place to live if you’re into cycling.

The Fairfield Loop Trail is a fantastic way to see all parts of the city. The nearly 16-mile route is well-maintained and contains absolutely beautiful scenery. Sprawling trees, stunning lakes (Pleasant and Walton), and aforementioned wildlife make for an entertaining experience each time you embark on an outing along the path.

Heading for the gravel and service roads allows me to see all of the farms – it really is a magical site no matter the time of year. If you time things just right, seeing crops being harvested is worth stopping and checking out for a while.

I likely won’t see a blue jay on my next bike ride, and that’s OK. I do know that I’ll see something beautiful along the way, and for that, I am truly thankful.




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