Treasure Hunting 101


Treasure Hunting 101

By Donna Cronce | August 16, 2021

Treasure Hunting 101


Raise your hand if you enjoy finding the perfect item for a discounted price! Honestly, who doesn’t? Add a girlfriend and a day off and you have the makings of a truly wonderful day. That’s exactly what my friend Laurie and I set off to find.

I mapped a couple of places in Fairfield. There are quite a few thrift shops and consignment stores in Fairfield. The newest one to open in town is The Well. Located on the south side of town on the west side of Hwy 1, it has a large sign out front and plenty of parking. You can’t miss it.

The first thing I noticed is how nicely organized everything is. It’s all grouped by categories… small household items, art, clothing, toys, etc. This made it very easy to quickly find whatever you might be looking for.  I didn’t have anything particular in mind, so I scoured through each shelf.

Almost immediately I saw a small figurine of a woman in curlers looking in the mirror. It just made me smile from ear to ear. Did I need it? No. Did I buy it? Yes. Why? Because it makes me smile every morning. Oh, did I tell you it was a yellow tag 50% off? This is what I call a treasure!

Laurie always looks through ALL of the dishware. She and I both have the same disease… dish-topia. It’s a terrible need to have cute plates/cups/glasses. Our dish-topia was in full swing. Cute cups and saucers, one-of-a-kind plates and beautiful glasses were plentiful. I abstained, but Laurie broke down and bought the most charming cup and saucer. I suggested planting a small succulent in it. It would look so darn adorable. It would also make a great expresso cup. Things taste better when they are served in awesome dishware.

Neither one of us was looking for clothing, but they do have a wide selection of gently used items. I have found some great blazers, jackets, blouses, and other apparel at thrift stores. Many of the items have never been worn!

If you need any furniture, there were quite a few nice pieces to choose from. Some need some minor repairs or a little cleaning, but if you enjoy upcycling you will definitely find your next project here. A little elbow grease and a can of paint can make something old feel fresh and new again.

With our treasures safely tucked away we were off to our second destination – The Bargain Box on Broadway, just west of the square. Very different from The Well – a much smaller store, but packed from pillar to post with items. It takes some serious foraging here, because of the quantity of items, but it was definitely worth it. Even a pirate has to dig for his treasure!

I do have to confess. I succumbed to my dish-topia and came home with 2 super cute polka dot wine glasses as well as a new purse that just screamed summertime. Laurie bought a very unique pitcher – it’s triangular! The design seems so… smart. She may use it as a vase instead, but it is sure to catch a person’s attention.

All in all, it was a great day. We both came home with new-to-us treasures. Things are rehomed and repurposed, at a fraction of the cost. We didn’t need an eye patch or a shovel for this treasure hunt, but we found “priceless” items just the same.


The Well Fairfield
Location: 1700 S Main Street, Fairfield
Hours:   Wed-Fri 10am – 5pm, Sat 10am – 4pm
Phone: (641) 819-4044

Bargain Box
Location: 109 W. Broadway, Fairfield
Hours:   Mon-Fri 9:30am – 4:30pm, Sat 9:30am – 2:30pm
Phone: (641) 472-3548

Location: 1903 US-34 BUS, Fairfield
Hours:   Mon-Sat 10am – 5:00pm
Phone: (641) 209-9450

Location: 2005 W. Burlington Ave, Fairfield
Hours:   Mon-Sat 10 am – 7 pm, Sun 11 am – 5 pm
Phone: (641) 472-7529

My Lucky Day
Location: 401 N 4th Street, Fairfield
Hours:   Mon-Sun 11 am – 5 pm
Phone: (641) 919-5884

Too Good 2 Be Threw Consignment Boutique
Location: 53 S Court St, Fairfield
Hours:   Mon-Fri 10:30am – 5:30pm, Sat 9:30-4:30
Phone: (641) 209-1710

Chickadee Consignment
Location: 57 E Broadway Ave, Fairfield
Hours:   Tue-Fri 11am – 5pm, Sat 10am – 4pm
Phone: (641) 919-1044




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