Thaw out with some cozy drinks


Thaw out with some cozy drinks

By Visit Fairfield | November 11, 2019

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It's the holidays and it's cold outside, which means you're going to need a cozy drink to warm up with. So if you need a place to thaw out, look no further than a local Fairfield coffee shop!  What's your go-to beverage? Coffee? Tea? Cocoa? Or maybe something fancy like a pumpkin spice latte or green tea matcha latte with coconut milk? Whatever your favorite is, there's a place in Fairfield that serves it and we want to share all of our favorite drinks with you!

Need some time to decompress after a long day of holiday shopping? Check out The Bookhouse and sip on one of their signature teas. From oolong to hibiscus, you'll be able to find a tea that perfectly suits your mood. And their pastries add that little something extra to make your shopping trip a little more enjoyable.

Looking for a place to study? Check out Revelations Cafe and enjoy some of their famous coffee drinks. They have an extensive menu with all your favorite classics, not to mention they offer refills. You'll want to try their homemade's the best!

After a long day of sledding, why not try a warm cup of hot cocoa. It's a classic favorite for kids and adults alike! We all know you can find it anywhere, but Bountiful Bakery makes our favorite. Add in a fresh from the oven croissant or bagel and you've got the perfect cold weather snack.

Want a drink that's comforting without being too heavy? We recommend checking out Hazel Moon Cafe for their delicious version of a matcha latte made from scratch with all-natural ingredients.

Next time you're craving a warm cup of coffee, head over to the Cafe Paradiso and sip on one of their special drinks! They have such an extensive menu that it will be hard to pick just one thing when you come in next. The best part is they also sell some delicious pastries too! We love a good mocha or latte for an afternoon pick me up, especially the peppermint mocha flavor. Cafe Paradiso knows how to make them. (it's one of the reasons they have been voted Fairfield's favorite coffee shop for several years in a row!)

Just because it's cold outside, doesn't mean you have to be! With the many varieties of hot drinks available at local coffee shops in Fairfield, you'll find that perfect respite from the chill.

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