Our Top 5 Reasons to Love Fairfield


Our Top 5 Reasons to Love Fairfield

By Visit Fairfield | April 8, 2022

As you glance through the pages of this website, one thing should stand out... Fairfield is one of Iowa's most creative and eclectic communities.

Our Top 5 Reasons to Love Fairfield

At face value, Fairfield appears to be an unassuming town that sits in the middle of a rural landscape. Surrounded by undulating hills, silos, and barns, only those who dare to enter the city limits get to discover what makes Fairfield so unique.

Connecting with nature

Having four distinct seasons means that there's an abundance of outdoor fun all year round! From Winter snowshoeing throughout Jefferson County Park to biking the Loop Trail in Summer, our outdoor play space encompasses prairies, woodlands, wetlands, old railroad corridors, bridges and so much more. The new Nady Prairie Park provides a more meditative space, known for its prairie grasses and abundant bird population. Its the perfect spot to take in a sunrise or sunset.

Wining & Dining

Fairfield has a growing reputation as a foodie haven, with local restaurants offering a variety of fresh, farm-to-table cuisine for every taste and budget. The number of locally-owned restaurants is noteworthy but even more impressive is the variety of internationally inspired eateries, helping to establish Fairfield the food hub of Southeast Iowa. And our beverage game is strong with an abundance of coffee and wine establishments and our very own award-winning cidery!


Fairfield has been named by Expedia as the best place in Iowa to escape to, largely due to the natural therapies, yoga, and other customized treatments offered by the many wellness providers in the area. Living a healthy life fits right in with the Fairfield Vibe.  As a community, we've become more open to a wider variety of perspectives on wellness. Over 50 alternative health and wellness practitioners and a state-of-the-art Cambridge Sportsplex contribute to the demand of visitors and locals to find more ways to reduce stress and live a more meaningful life.

Traditional; Sometimes!

Ask a local what they love about Fairfield and you're likely to hear about the city's mix of traditional and progressive values that make it welcoming to people from all walks of life. Over the years as we've welcomed students from over 80 countries to the Maharishi International University and embraced our growing population, we've also made sure to preserve our small-town charm. We have come to understand that good things come out of our diversity. Progressive thinking and entrepreneurship have been part of Fairfield's history from the beginning and are the reasons Fairfield continues to find itself on the top lists of places to live and visit, including 11 Coolest Small Cities (Buzzfeed) and 20 Best Small Towns to Visit (Smithsonian Magazine).

Creative Culture

Last but not least, in addition to the city's entrepreneurial drive, the local artistic and entertainment culture sets the bar for creativity and helps Fairfield earn the distinction of Iowa's most creative small community. Fairfield is home to hundreds of musicians and artists who build a thriving foundation of performing and visual arts. From numerous entertainment venues to small galleries tucked away in historic buildings, art is a big part of what makes Fairfield special. Located in the Downtown, the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center, which is revving up with new activities, and the distinctive ICON Contemporary Art Gallery ensure there's always something novel to experience.

That's our essential list of things we love about Fairfield. Of course, we want to also tell you about our favorite shops and museums and... well you get the picture. There are lots of places to explore and we invite you to take some time to peruse this website for more inspiration and fresh perspectives on our community. We think you'll fall in love too!




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