It’s Pizza Month!

It’s Pizza Month!

By Visit Fairfield | October 16, 2020

It's Pizza Month

When the leaves start falling and the air is crisp, we celebrate... by eating PIZZA!  And rumor has it that Fairfield is loaded with great, and surprising, pizza options. Just one whiff of that cheesy, spicy pizza in the oven makes us willing to burn our fingertips grabbing that first slice.


One local pizza destination has pies that rival those from the big city.  Istanbul Grill (usually known for its fabulous Turkish food) offers a deep dish Chicago-style pizza that hits all the right notes. From bubbling cheese to just the right chew, you will think that you found pizza heaven.


If you like a wood fire flavor to your pizza, check out Revelations Café. Their Margherita pizza is a local favorite but the crew at Revelations is experimental and also offers unique pizza creations such as their Iowa Corn Pizza and the Californian pizza, made with a white sauce and layered with walnuts and avocados. (one of our favs!)


Ask many locals where the best pizza in town is and you are sure to hear about Torinos Pizza and Steakhouse. A local hang out for the after-game crowd, Torinos makes a pizza that inspires you to want to eat it with your eyes closed so you can savor every moment of the experience. As one local put it “Torinos is simply the best pizza ever. No argument.” So we had to try it! Our choice was the El Greco pizza because it was loaded with olives (our fav!) and we have to say that it was hard to stop eating it. It was greasy and salty… and the cheese had that gooey pull factor. It was the perfect comfort food to end the workweek.

Busy moms everywhere will LOVE the Take and Bake options offered at Bountiful Bakery. Aromatic sourdough crusts and a variety of toppings, these pizza are offered on a limited basis but boy do they make dinner time easy (and your kitchen will smell amazing!)

The debate over what makes the best pizza is as diverse as the people debating but with October being Pizza month, it seems like a great time to test them all. Fairfield Pizza Tour

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