I Love Art

I Love Art

By Donna Cronce | June 21, 2021

I Love Art. The Planning. The Making, The Viewing. The Buying.

Sometimes I look for just the right piece for just the right place, but more often I find a piece that will evoke a memory of a particular place and time. It jogs that memory from the back of my mind to the front. It brings a smile to my face.

When I travel and visit a new place, I enjoy purchasing something from a local artisan. I have a beautiful stoneware soap dish from Flat Rock, NC, a silver ring from Phoenix, a Christmas Ornament from Myrtle Beach, a set of three prints from Gatlinburg, and the list goes on. If you are an art lover, don’t neglect our terrific local options; make sure to stop into the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center at 200 N Main Street.

The FACC has several art galleries. In the Main Gallery you will find an installation from a local Iowa artist. This show lasts for 2 months, and most of the pieces are available to purchase. Currently Andrea Van Wyk is showing her vibrant and colorful oil paintings. Make sure to take a really good look at her work, there are some wonderful hidden elements in the paintings.

In the Atrium Lobby – look up at the second story railing. There you will see some exquisite quilts. I can’t even imagine how long it takes to make those beautiful pieces. Look at the table tops. Each one is hand painted by co-founder of FACC Suzan Kessel. Each one is different and beautiful. Then take a moment to look at the amazing mosaic on the floor of the atrium depicting the clock tower of the Jefferson County Court House, which is just across the street.

In the corridor right off the Atrium before the Expo Hall is another artist exhibition. This one is smaller, from a local artist and also lasts for 2 months. The paintings currently on exhibit are by John A Schirmer, depicting Chicago and New York. The stunning paintings show people going about their day to day lives in the big city – full of hustle and bustle. His style is simplistic, but not simple. You know exactly what he is trying to depict, but there’s enough detail missing to let you fill in the blanks.

In this corridor, you will also find the Fairfield Arts Association Sales Gallery. This is MY favorite place. There is a space for artists to work and give classes. Classes were suspended due to Covid but are set to start again in June/July. Take a look at their website for the class schedule. Taking a class is a fun way to try something new and maybe light your artistic passion.

Members of the Fairfield Art Association also use this space to sell their art. There is something here for every taste and style. The gallery is beautiful, colorful and exciting. There is a wide variety of items for sale: scarves, pottery, glassware, jewelry, drawings, paintings – just about anything that you could think of. If you have any questions, just ask the artist in attendance. They’ll be more than happy to help you.

The FAA manages the art installations in the other galleries, and on the town square. You can find a large installation of 20 pieces around the Fairfield town square titled “2020 in 2021, A BETTER VIEW”.  Take a walk around the square and “SEE” if you can find them.

Supporting local artists is a great way to have a little piece of Fairfield. Prices are very wallet friendly – so bring home a memory that will last a lifetime.






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