A Trio of Artists

A Trio of Artists

By Visit Fairfield | February 17, 2022

From now through April 2022, art lovers in Southeast Iowa are in for a treat. Three of the most talented and recognized artists in Fairfield will be showing their work at ICON Gallery. Titled “Contemporary Realism”, this show consists of Greg Thatcher’s award-winning yew tree drawings, John Preston’s agricultural landscapes, and Bill Teeple’s small realistic landscapes.

Greg Thatcher’s drawings represent hundreds of hours of dedication, focus, and concentration in one location. Yew trees, specifically the ones growing in St. Mary’s churchyard in Painswick, Gloucestershire, England, are the subjects of his work and he has been working on location since 1991.  The intricacy of his work draws you in to experience the transcendence of nature. It feels as if the more you look at these drawings, the more mystery you unfold.

Greg Thatcher Yew Trees #76

Watercolor master John Preston presents agricultural landscapes that are filled with life-like details to show off what he sees when looking out on Iowa fields or farms. His paintings are a reflection of life in Iowa and the landscapes he loves so much. The artist has been exploring big skies with vast fields for years now but is currently focused on contemporary aspects of agriculture from grain elevators to farming equipment. His most recent work has been almost exclusively painted on location, capturing a scene in its natural state, aiming to express a particular moment in time. You can find many examples of John’s watercolor and pastel work exhibited regionally or nationally - even internationally where they've been seen recently at exhibitions in Cambodia and Nigeria.

“Fat Man and Little Boy” 10.5x13.5

The third in this trio of exhibitors is Bill Teeple who created a new series called "Small Realistic Landscape Paintings." These small paintings depict realistic scenes and have taken him back to a genre of art that is meaningful to him. With many of the pieces sized at 3 x 4 inches, viewers can stand in awe of the amount of detail in each landscape.  Each realistic landscape painting shows masterful skill in oil painting and it’s hard to believe that anyone could capture so complete a scene on so small a canvas.

Bill Teeple Madison #2

If your journeys bring you to this part of Iowa, be sure to escape the winter by enjoying this exhibit.

This show runs from Feb 4 – April 23, 2022. Icon Gallery is located at 58 N. Main St on the Fairfield Square.

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