8 Healthy Activities to Do in Fairfield


8 Healthy Activities to Do in Fairfield

By Jessica Hatchette | June 10, 2021

In a nutshell, health can be simply described as a balanced state of the mind, body, and spirit. While it’s easy to be caught up in an outdated and toxic “diet and exercise” culture, true health focuses on self-love, -acceptance, -care, and -preservation. Here are my top picks for things you can do to feel truly healthy in Fairfield!


  1. Attend a Concert on the Square: Music is happiness and the joy of life. Check out this calendar of live music events for the 2021 season. This is a FREE concert series every other Wednesday! Don’t miss it.
  2. Explore the Fairfield Loop Trail: One of my favorite things about Fairfield is the award winning trail. The verdant views and smell of spring blossoms will heal your mind and spirit, while the comfortable walk will strengthen your whole body!
  3. Water Activities: Fairfield has several options for healthy water therapy. You can stop by Waterworks Park for a swim or try canoeing or kayaking. If you’re looking for a pool experience, the Roosevelt Recreation center has both indoor and outdoor pools. Our family especially loves the outdoor pool, and yes, I’m one of those adults that frequents that amazing water slide! Don’t forget your sunscreen!
  4. Juice and Smoothies: Stop by Andy’s Juice Joint, an all organic juice and smoothie bar for a refreshing treat during those hot Iowa summer days! You can also find incredibly fresh juices at the Everybody’s Wholefoods cafe. Not only are they delicious, but they’re loaded with antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies!
  5. Enjoy healthy meal options: Fairfield is loaded with healthy restaurant options. My favorite places to eat healthy foods are Everybody’s Cafe, Shokai sushi, Taco Dreams, and Asian Pho Bistro.
  6. Visit the Farmer’s Market: Let health extend to the planet and shop locally! Saturday morning is a great time to pick up your veggies, eggs, meats, and baked goods, not to mention flowers and herbs for the garden!
  7. Pack a Healthy Picnic for Family and Friends: Gathering friends and family for a healthy meal is the epitome of healthy living. Everybody’s Whole Foods sells delicious prepared items that pack up for an easy picnic. Head over to Petra Park or Waterworks Park for a healthy lunch with your family and friends.
  8. Go shopping for a new outfit: It’s healthy to honor your body, no matter the shape or size, by dressing it up to look nice. You can stop by Flirt, a clothing store right on the Fairfield town square, or try on some gently used and previously owned items at our local consignment stores!


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