Tasting Rooms

Tasting Rooms, Wine Bars, Cider Bars, & Wineries

Looking to try something new in the beverage department? From creative ambiance to artfully selected wines and craft ciders, you can make your trip to Fairfield memorable by including a stop at our wine bars, tasting rooms, and craft breweries. From wine to cider, these venues know how to serve up some flavors that will help you discover your next new favorite beverage!  And the scenery isn't bad either! Each venue specializes in scenic and lush outdoor spaces along with charming interiors. And if you're lucky you just might chill the night away with some local musical entertainment. Please note there may be a small fee for each tasting experience.

Cedar Valley Winery

2034 Dewberry Avenue
Batavia, IA 52533 



SOMM Wines

102 E. Briggs Ave
Fairfield, IA 52556 



Fishback and Stephenson Cider House

1949 Pleasant Plain Road
Fairfield, IA 52556 



Veraison Wine Bar

508 N 2nd Street
Fairfield, Iowa 52556