Shop & Be Merry Insider

Attention Fairfield shops and restaurants!

Are you ready for 2 holiday shopping opportunities?? This year’s Shop & Be Merry event will be held on 2 days, allowing for more opportunities to fulfill shoppers needs for this holiday season. AND you, the shop owner can decide if you want to participate in the virtual event, the on site event, or both!

Here’s the scoop;

Shop & Be Merry is a collaborative event between Fairfield shops, restaurants, attractions and Visit Fairfield (CVB). And this year we are taking the event online using Facebook Lives. AND… we are planning an early event on Oct 23 to capture those early shoppers, followed by an event on Dec 4th. The CVB coordinates online and radio marketing for this event and reaches a market that is 60 + miles outside of Fairfield (what a great way to get more exposure for your shop!) In our previous virtual shopping events, we had shoppers from Minneapolis and Pennsylvania join us! And what’s so great about the virtual shopping element is that you are able to tap into the market that is still uncomfortable shopping in person.

Got products? Yep, you can sell them virtually. Got gift certificates? Yep, you can sell those too. Have a promotion, like specials on holiday parties or “buy 1 get 1” offers? Well, this is a great way to let people know!

How it works:
1. Register with Visit Fairfield ($25 registration fee to be part of the online and radio promotion and the gift guide; you will also receive promotional materials to add to your facebook pages) Register by emailing or calling 641-472-2828
2. Submit items for gift guide by Oct 15 (we will need photos and descriptions of 1 or 2 items from your shop) The gift guide will be online and you will be provided a link to share.
3. Plan to go live on your own Facebook page on Fri, Oct 23 between 6-7:30 PM
4. Plan to go live on your own Facebook page on Fri Dec 4 between 6-7:30 PM
5. During your live sessions, you may promote whatever you want shoppers to buy or be aware of in your shop. Plan to go live for at least 10 minutes at a time and you can go live as many times as you want during that 1.5 hours. Most shops have found that it helps to write out ahead of time what they want to promote during each live (think QVC)
6. Each shop may choose to also be open for foot traffic during this time; just let us know so that we can let the public know in our marketing efforts.
7. Sell to your hearts content, making this one of your best holiday seasons ever!

Are you a newbie???

No worries, we’ve got you. Just call Terry at 641-472-2828 and we’ll hold your hand through everything… yes pretty much everything!

“But Terry, I’m an introvert and I don’t like being on video”
I hear this alot and you know what?? This is usually based in some belief you have about being on video… like you’re not good enough, don’t know what to say, afraid of messing up, etc. But let me ask you this…is the success of our business worth moving past this? Listen, you can always participate as part of the in-person event but I want you to know that the shops who have participated in past virtual shopping events are seeing an amazing increase in sales. (in fact 2 shop owners have told me they were able to bring in enough sales in 1.5 hours to pay their rent) If more sales this season would be important to you, let’s work together to get you up and running. We’ll provide you with how-tos and support (but don’t wait til the last minute!)

So what do you say? Are you in for the virtual events? The in-person event? Both???

Get registered today; email

Let’s bring some Fa-La-la to Fairfield!