Villages of Van Buren

The Villages are a unique cluster of towns in Van Buren County, Iowa which is located just 20 miles South of Fairfield (Hwy. 34), 45 miles East of Ottumwa (Hwy. 63) and 34 miles West of Hwy 27 (Avenue of the Saints.)

It is simple to relax as you drive through the countryside because you will not find a stop light or a fast-food restaurant in the entire county! Take a step back in time to enjoy a leisurely picnic in a park, hike the trails, stroll through the shops, enjoy the historic architecture, or relax and take in the solitude and beauty of the surroundings.

Main Location

PO Box 9 - 809 1st Street
Keosauqua, IA 52565 


Flamingo Lanes

Open bowling hours during the season
Monday 3 lanes available 6:30-9:00 Friday 9:00- cl
Tuesday no open bowling Saturday 5:00- cl
Wednesday 9:00-cl
Thursday no open bowling

Monday closed
Tuesday closed
Wednesday closed
Thursday closed
Friday 6pm to midnight
Saturday 6pm to midnight
Sunday closed

Main Location

301 N. 16th St
Fairfield, IA 52556 

The Sweet Spot

The Sweet Spot is a YEAR ROUND ice cream shop, right here in little 'ol Fairfield, Iowa. They serve ice cream, pulled pork sandwiches, chili, Nathan's All Beef Hotdogs and more!


Mon – Sun: 11:00 am – 8:00 pm

Main Location

300 W. Broadway Ave
Fairfield, IA 52556 


The Walton Club

 One of Southeast Iowa's most challenging courses, set up around the picturesque Walton Lake. Water comes into play on four of the five par 3's, and while the three par 5's are very reachable; sloping, non-forgiving greens await.

Summer Club Hours
Open 9 AM Monday – Friday   

Open 8 AM Saturday & Sunday
    Open 10 AM Tuesday – Sunday

Summer Club Hours:
Open 9 AM Monday – Friday
Open 8 AM Saturday & Sunday    

Winter Club Hours:
Closed Mondays
Open 10 AM Tuesday – Sunday

Green Fee's    
Weekdays     With Member:$20.00    Without Member: $25.00
Holidays/Friday through Sunday    With Member: $25.00    Without Member: $35.00
Cart Rental     $17.00    


Main Location

2265 Walton Lake Rd
Fairfield, IA 52556 


Fairfield Loop Trail

The Fairfield Loop Trail forms a 16-mile ring around the town of Fairfield, mostly in the outlying areas of the countryside. The trail links two major preserves and connects city and county parks. Along the way you’ll pass through woodlands, meadows and prairie, and hilly sections.

Most of the trail surface is crushed stone, but there are about 2.5 miles total of concrete surface in four different locations. A 0.8-mile on-road segment follows Mint Boulevard (a gravel road) southward from Lamson Woods toward the trail section that parallels US 34. Other trails, such as the 7.5 miles in Jefferson County Park, connect to the Fairfield Loop Trail.

The most spectacular feature of the trail is the BNSF bridge over the railroad tracks near Walton Lake. The bridge features 171 ceramic tiles created by high school art students, which are inset into the bridge’s concrete curb. Many small bridges, some with artistic enhancements, cross brooks on the Fairfield Loop Trail.

Because the 15.9-mile-long Fairfield Loop Trail was built one segment at a time over 14 years, names were given to each segment.  The segments are presented in a clockwise direction, starting with the DOT-South segment in the southern part of Fairfield, Iowa.

The Loop Trail officially begins (and ends) next to the Maasdam Barns at Mile Marker Zero.  Mile Markers occur every 1/4 mile along the Loop Trail.  The Maasdam Barns are next to the Jefferson County Health Center (at the interchange of Hwy 1 & US 34).

The DOT-South segment, built by the Iowa DOT, parallels the new US Hwy 34 bypass from Mint Blvd in the east to Whitham Woods in the west.  This 5.7-mile segment is hilly, with curves and woods, and partly in wetlands.  It intersects with the Cedar View Trail, which leads to Jefferson County Park.  The Loop Trail officially begins (and ends) next to the Maasdam Barns at Mile Marker Zero.  Mile Markers occur every 1/4 mile along the Loop Trail.

The Whitham Woods segment uses part of an old 1858-1901 railroad bed, then travels up and down hills through the woods, and then follows a concrete section along Burlington Ave to Brookville Road.  The trail within Whitham Woods was upgraded in September 2010.

The Northwestern segment travels northeasterly from Brookville Road to Grimes Ave and Dexter Soccer Park, then crosses the BNSF railroad track through a pedestrian maze (for safety) and continues to the Rock Island Railroad segment at 8th & Gear.  Most of the surface is concrete.

The Rock Island Railroad segment uses the roadbed of the Rock Island Railroad, which was in use from 1945 to 1980 (replacing a 1871 alignment).  Our trail bridge replaces the railroad bridge, which was removed in 1985.

The B Street segment travels along B Street on a concrete-surfaced sidewalk for 4/10ths of a mile to connect to the Lakes segment.  The sidewalk continues southward to Waterworks Park and Stone Ave.

The Lakes segment connects three lakes, Bonnifield Lake, Pleasant Lake, and Walton Lake, with a trail that meanders along fields and through wooded areas.  These lakes are retired reservoirs, being converted for recreational usage.

Leaving Walton Lake, the Louden Bridge segment travels through woods, then crosses the BNSF Railroad tracks on the 246-foot Louden Bridge to connect with Chautauqua Park, where it meets the Crow Creek segment.  The Louden Bridge displays 171 ceramic plaques of images from old Louden Machinery Company blueprints, made by a Fairfield High School art class.

The Crow Creek segment follows Crow Creek from Chautauqua Park to the Neff Wetlands.  A concrete-surfaced section connects to a crushed limestone surface in a wooded low-land, where three bridges cross creeks in the Fry property.

The Neff Wetlands section of the Loop Trail begins as you cross Glasgow Road from the Crow Creek segment, heading west across the wetlands dike.  The Lamson Woods boardwalk/bridge then takes you the parking lot at Mint Blvd.  A walking-only trail joins the boardwalk near the creek.  Lamson Woods is a State Preserve.

The Mint Blvd Link connects the Lamson Woods-Neff segment to the DOT-South segment, using Mint Blvd, the only shared-road section of the Loop Trail.  Part of Mint Blvd is steep, with a gravel surface.  Improvements may be made in the future.

Download a trail map JCTC TrailsMap

Main Location

Fairfield, IA 52556 


Mac Coon Access

Mac Coon Access is located five and one-half miles north of Lockridge just east of Willow Blvd. It is a popular place for fishing, camping, boating, and hunting.

    71 acres
    Camping – electricity, drinking water, pit toilets
    Picnic shelter
    Trail – hiking
    Fishing – Skunk River
    Boating – boat ramp.   
    Playground equipment

   Camping Site fees: $10 with electricity/$7 without per night.
    Reservations: Can not be reserved.
    Season: All year-around.

This recreation area got its name from an old game Warden, Mac Coon, who worked in the area back in the 1930's and 40's.

Purchased by the Department of Natural Resources in 1945, a renewable 25 year management-lease agreement allows the Jefferson County Conservation Board to develop and manage this area.

Since 1973 numerous improvements have been made to Mac Coon Access which includes: construction of restrooms and a shelter house, installation of playground equipment, drilling a well for potable water, developing a campground equipped with electricity and providing a concrete boat ramp and fish cleaning station.

A trailer dump station and rural water was added to Mac Coon Access in 2006. Camping area

Mac Coon Access not only provides fishing opportunities with the presence of the Skunk River, it is also open to public hunting from August 31 to May 15.

Mac Coon Access is prone to flooding. If you are uncertain about the current conditions please contact us at 641-472-4421.

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Round Prairie Park

Round Prairie Park

Campground: The 12-site campground is equipped with electricity, drinking water, a shelter house, restrooms, and playground equipment. It is open year-around, although water may not be available in cold weather.

Camping fees are modest.  Reservations can not be made.

    Camping Site fees: $10 with electricity/$7 without per night.
    Reservations: Can not be reserved.
    Season: All year-around.

    Schoolhouse: Schoolhouse  The historic Cedar # 6 Peachblossom schoolhouse may be reserved for use for special events. Fees will vary. Contact us.

Jefferson County Conservation Board, 2003 Libertyville Road, Fairfield, IA 52556
Call: 641-472-4421

Main Location

Fairfield, IA 52556 


Parsons College Alumni Hall

The Parsons College Alumni Hall is located in the Stephen Sondheim Center for the Performing Arts lobby located within the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center.  Parsons College was a four year lieral arts college founded in 1895 by General Lewis Baldwin Parsons.  The college remained as a small school until the mid-1950's when a new direction by the board of directors was found.  They hired Dr. Millard G. Roberts from upstate New York to guide the college's future growth.  When Dr. Roberts arrived total enrollment was 500 students.  In the Fall of 1966 total enrollment exceeded 5,500 students.  The college closed with its final grgaduation, June 3, 1973.  The spirit lives on with our alumni and a focal point is our Parsons College Alumni Hall.

The students, faculty and friends of Parsons College have donated in excess of $200,000 to have the naming rights for this portion of the reception area of the Center.  John Blackstock, class 1964, provided the challenge and the vision to establish a "Parsons College Wall of Honor" at the dedication of the Alumni Hall in 2008. October of 2009 found the inaugural class being inducted.  Teh students and alumni of Parsons College have gone on to make their mark in society, Locally, Nationally and internationally.  This provides us a way of honoring and remembering the nurturing and education the students and alumni of Parsons College received during their time attending classes in Fairfield.

The Alumni Hall features rotating displays highlighting the accomplishments and memories of various activities of the college.  The east wall provides an area for displaying photographs, highlighting some of the distinguished visitors tot he college during the 1950'5 – 1960's, the heyday of Parsons College.

The Wall of Honor is on the west wall, honoring distinguished Parson graduates.

Main Location

200 N. Main St
Fairfield, IA 52556