march, 2020

12mar8:00 pm10:00 pmFilm Premier Fundraiser for ICON8:00 pm - 10:00 pm ICON Gallery, 58 N. Main St

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Michael Barnard’s LogosField
March 12 | 8:00 PM
ICON Gallery

Michael began making simple 8mm films while still in high school in 1963. This came about due to his desire to learn how to splice film. His father had shot many 8mm home movies over the years and had a little editing nook set-up at home. Michael fished little clips of film that his Dad had discarded out of the wastebasket and spliced them randomly together – some pieces being upside down and reversed. This footage was wildly random: seagulls flying overhead, images of clouds taken form the cockpit of a TWA Super Constellation airliner, images of Cape Cod, etc. When he ran this little assemblage of clips through the viewer, he was astounded to discover the power of The Cut! It seemed (and still seems) completely magical that this simple device could be so profoundly powerful.

The original Field Films were produced in 16mm. These followed a number of experimental 8mm films Michael made between 1964-67. This led to some interesting interactions between Michael and experimental film legend Stan Brakhage, where Brakhage very kindly would critique Michael’s little 8mm films. This interaction took place via the US Post Office since Brakhage lived in Colorado. He would return Michael’s films with a little typewritten critique for each film.

The 16mm Field Films were shown widely across the USA at galleries, museums, lofts, and universities. They were also featured on a special RAI (Italian national television) broadcast about avant-grade art in New York City in 1970.

“LogosField” was begun in 1969 and was intended to be the capstone film of the Field Film series. However, after being trained as a teacher of Transcendental Meditation in Mallorca, Spain, Michael was asked by Maharishi to stay on and start a film department for him. This became a 7-year odyssey of traveling with Maharishi, and then setting up a film production facility in Livingston Manor NY, and then again in Seelisberg, Switzerland. So “LogosField” languished for decades, though through it all, Michael always continued filming bits and pieces as the years went by.

Then, in 2018 Michael was given a vision of a whole series of new scenes that needed to be created for this film. He began filming these new scenes in Fairifield right away and continues filming through 2019. These new scenes would allow him to finally finish the film in early 2020.

When LogosField is screened on March 12, the pixels will still be wet!

The evening’s screening will include the presentation of a few of the original Field Films leading up to “LogosField”

“Field” 1968 10 minutes
“Field 2 Spring” – 1969 – 10 minutes (maybe)
“Autumn Field 03” – 1969. 11 minutes
“Horse Heaven Mountain Field” 1970. 13 minutes
“Logos Field” – 1969-2020. 20 minutes



(Thursday) 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm


ICON Gallery

58 N. Main St