The Raj

The Raj Maharishi Ayurveda Health Spa

The Raj is the only Maharishi Health Spa outside of India specifically built to offer traditional Ayurveda rejuvenation treatments. At the heart of The Raj programs are the profound treatment programs that help restore balance and reawaken the body's natural healing mechanisms.  Relaxation, rejuvenation, natural therapies, yoga, and customized treatments for weight loss, headaches, chronic disorders. The 36,000 sq. ft. French country-style facility is located on 100 acres of rolling meadows and woodlands in Maharishi Vedic City, the first new city in Iowa in 25 years.
Phone: 800-248-9050

1734 Jasmine Ave, Fairfield, IA 52556


Main Location

1734 Jasmine Ave
Fairfield, IA 52556 


Maharishi Vedic Observatory

Maharishi Vedic Observatory

The Maharishi Vedic Observatory, a one and one-half acre open-air observatory of masonry sundials, is unique in the world for its ability to display in one compact form the whole structure of the universe along with all the movements of the sun, the planets, and the stars. It is the only example in existence today of this timeless knowledge that was once in every culture around the globe.
Phone: 641-472-7000

Directions: The Maharishi Vedic Observatory is located on Observatory Drive in Maharishi Vedic City. From Fairfield take Highway One north to Airport Drive, turn west, drive one mile to Jasmine Avenue, turn north, drive 1/3 mile to Observatory Drive, turn west. The observatory is at the end of Observatory Drive.

Main Location

Observatory Drive
Vedic City, IA 52556