The uniqueness of Green Gourmet comes from the Thai, Indian, American, and Chinese fusion with a keen attention to detail in every entree and taste as well as items coming from fresh, not frozen sources. We feature all organic foods as well as non-organic or organic chicken dishes. We also feature our signature pie, the all organic apple crisp, to complement out all organic Mango or Cardamom lassi.



Mon, Wed, Thu, Sun: 11:30 am – 3:30 pm (closed Tue, Fri, Sat)

641 472 2277/ 451 7009

Our most popular dishes;
The most popular vegetarian dish is the fresh cut green beans and panir – due to its delicious coconut milk and spice base combined with wholesome organic panir. The most popular chicken dish is the Thai chicken curry – also featuring a coconut milk base, this spicy dish satisfies the need for both spicy and savory. The most popular fish dish is the baked seasoned salmon- this wild caught, seasoned dish is fresh baked and lathered with just the right amount of spice and secret tomato sauce.

Main Location

117 E. Broadway (Just off the square)
Fairfield, IA 52556