Meals of Thailand. Lunch, dinner.

Main Location

59 N. Court St (On the square)
Fairfield, IA 52556 



Cafeteria-style. Lunch.

Thai Food | Homemade Pies | Eat Lunch at a Relaxing Environment

Hours of operation;

Mon – Sat, 11am – 3pm


Our Story:

Thai Deli was founded by Sitti’s father in law in 1992. He had asked Sitti to work with him on 1993 and that’s when Sitti stayed for the long run. In the early 2000’s Sitti’s father in law left the restaurant to him. In total Sitti has worked in Thai Deli for 27 years making the same food for the same customers. He has watched generations of children grow up, get married and bring their own children to eat at the restaurant. Sitti really loves this aspect of his job because it really shapes the restaurant’s core values of making affordable food with love for all families.

Thai Deli is affordable which really suits students at the university. The ample restaurant space keeps a calm and quiet environment which today also serves the purpose of giving people enough space to social distance as they order and eat their food. Another highlight that people enjoy are the handmade decorations, they were brought in 10 years ago from artisans in Northern Thailand. Again the menu varies by day which we have found suitable for a variety of people and so all the dishes are pretty much equally popular. Although Thai Deli is more famously known for their homemade pies.

Main Location

120 W. Broadway
Fairfield, IA 52556 


51 N. 2nd St


Mon 5-9 PM

Tue – Thu- 11-2 pm 5-9 PM

Fri 11-2 pm 5-10 PM

Sat 3-10 pm

Shokai is a unique sushi restaurant for a small town, we offer all the sushi the big city restaurant has and more. We continue to add and update our menu. We have non-sushi items that include noodle dishes, steaks, chicken, seafood, and soups. Check us out on Facebook for daily specials.

For Restaurant Week: Every day we will have specials, for example, happy hour sushi Tue. 25% off rolls, fried whole catfish wed, prime rib, and steaks weekend.

We are known for our creative sushi rolls, working with fresh ingredients and combining different ones to make new flavors. We have many different dishes and rolls to offer. Even though our sushi and rolls are very popular, the spotlight seems to be the rice balls and tempura shrimp with cream cheese (yorokobi shrimp) both drizzled in our house sauce. The house-made sauces are the sweet unagi, thicken sweet soy, and spicy mayo.

51 N. 2nd St
Fairfield, IA 52556 


Chinese buffet with American Food. Lunch, dinner, every day

Main Location

500 W. Burlington
Fairfield, IA 52556