SōR Cycle, aka RIDE is equal parts rhythm riding AND technical skills. We place a huge emphasis on form, technique and the athleticism of the experience. We check our troubles at the door, we ride to the beat and we leave as a slightly better version of ourselves, every damn time!

We do not use monitors or screens, we focus on mind body connection. Your time at SōR is an opportunity to disconnect from the grind and reconnect with yourself.

SōR Studios’ is proud to be the only studio offering ‘rhythm + burn’ (Often referred to as r + b.)

This is our signature class influenced by Barre, Pilates and HIIT. This class is low impact, high intensity, total body and highly adaptable. This class is so fun and the music is so good you will forget how hard you are working and you’ll be scheduling your next visit before your even get up off the mat!