Authentic Middle Eastern Restaurant
Open: Wed, Fri, Sat. Hours 11:30-3:00
We are a Middle Eastern restaurant and food truck specializing in authentic, fresh, and made from scratch dishes.

Nisan and Helenee Alva moved to Fairfield from a small kibbutz in Israel a few years ago. Nisan is also the chef at Hungry Camel and has been in the Restaurant and catering business for over 15 years. Mostly preparing steaks at a top steakhouse in Israel. His love for preparing fresh and delicious food shines at Hungry Camel which is serving authentic Middle Eastern street food and comfort food.
The most popular dish is the Falafel in Pita. Falafels are made fresh and are delicious and the pitas are baked in a local bakery. The falafels are truly one of a kind!