Welcome to Green Organic!
Green Organic provides Homemade Organic Meals Delivered to your door. We have a passionate commitment to sourcing fresh, organic, and local ingredients. We strive to support the Fairfield community and local farmers. Green Organic is dedicated to seasonal cuisine and sustainable lifestyle. Our menu is updated seasonally and adjusted daily; in order to showcase quality ingredients collected by our in-house forager and chefs from locally grown produce.

Specials for Restaurant Week; Appetizer: Turkish Cigar Rolls Entrée: Traditional Turkish Bowl Dessert: Walnut & Pistachio Baklava

Our most popular dish?
Traditional Turkish Bowl: Signature Tabbouleh, Turkish Stewed Green Beans, Grilled Peppers & Zucchini and Sautéed Eggplant with Garlic-Yogurt Dip served with Hand Rolled Cigar Rolls (Feta & Cilantro rolled in Filo Dough)


M-F 11am-1pm