b'Teeple himself came to Fairfieldist spotlifrom Los Angeles, but hes not ther t g honly one who made the pilgrimageA RADIMtto Southeast Iowa. Barry Ross a professional illustrator whosework has appeared in Sports SCHREIBERIllustrated, Golf Magazine, and FlyingMagazine and has been featured atBlue Ghost Firefly the Museum of Flight in Seattle, the Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum, and the EAA Aviation Museumtook up permanent residence in Fairfield after discovering Transcendental Meditation in 1974. Other nationally recognized artists like John Preston (above) creator of breathtaking Midwest landscapes featured by Iowa State University, John Deere, and the Chicago Federal Reserveand David Kupfermanwhose art has been shown from San Francisco to Miami and been spotlighted byJ.P. Morgan Bank and Fidelity Investmentscame to Fairfield from the East Coast to find a thriving, exciting art community.Illuminating artworkRadim Schreiber has always been fascinated with fireflies. The insects are rare in his native Czech Republic, so they were a captivating sight when he first came to Fairfield in 1998. That image stuck with Schreiber for several years, during which time he patiently waited for camera technology and lighting to catch up to his idea. Finally, with a high-speed lens and full-frame DSLR, he managed to snap a coupleTHERE IS SUCH A PARTICIPATION ON THE PART OF THE OTHER TOWNSPEOPLEphotos in his garden and was instantly blown away. I got so IN FAIRFIELD, SO WHEN YOU HAVE A SHOW OR PUT SOMETHING ONLINE, YOU GET excited that the following year, I spent the whole summer ALL THESE WONDERFUL, LOVING REACTIONS,Ross said.photographing fireflies, Schreiber said. One of thosephotographs, Amber Firefly, ended up earning Schreiber In New York, you go to an opening and everyones looking around saying,high praise, winning the 8th Annual Smithsonian Magazine Whos that? And whos that? Can they help me? Everything is about Photo Contest in 2010.making money and making sales. Out here, it was all about the artitwas all about how beautiful it was. Life just settled down into a sweet, IM TRYING TO CONVEY MY EXPERIENCE. VERY everyday experience. I dont have the same stresses that I had in NewSOOTHING, VERY PEACEFULALMOST SPIRITUAL, York City. I still love being here. Its still exciting. I couldnt possibly have the studio that I have in Fairfield in New York. Thanks to galleries likeSchreiber said, adding that because he shoots at night, there ICON and Art 52and the innumerable contributions from artists whoare much fewer distractions. Its very beautiful and a great have made temporary or permanent homes hereFairfields art sceneconnection with nature. That is what I want to convey. So, has grown wildly to establish the city as a Midwestern creative hub. when I create videos, the music that I add is to support the Today, we must have 300 or 400kind of experience that I want to share. That ability to build artists here, Teeple said. And therea connection and share an experience with people is one are a ton of musicians with threeof the biggest reasons Schreiber continues to shoot. I can or four significant musical venues.connect with people and bring joy to their hearts, Schreiber We even offer live poetry reading.said. They share with me not only how much they like my Fairfield has become an art centerwork but how much they like fireflies and nature. That is [It] has a certain flavor that sort ofa fulfilling feelingsomebody connects with me and the seeps into your bloodstream oncesame level of joy, and I can trigger that level of joy and those you get here. Theres a lot going onfeelings that they remember from their childhood.here in little nooks and crannies thatSchreibers work as well as his book, Firefly Experience,people can discover. can be found at fireflyexperience.org.THE VIBE GUIDE OF FAIRFIELD IOWA7'