b'Art in Fairfield, Iowa:A Not So Hidden Geme honestyou probably wouldnt imagine a cultural, artistic B hub could take root outside a major metropolitan city,That need for a creative outlet is why Bill Teeple himself founded much less Southeast Iowa. But as the old saying goes,ICON Gallery 20 years ago. At that time, he had been teaching theres inspiration everywhere. When artists flock to Fairfield, theyart in one of the buildings downtown and rented some of the dont just see another small town,empty rooms to hang art in. Eventually, artists gathered on the Instead, they see a town bustling withthird floor for makeshift openings and the gallery grew beyond its opportunity and inspiration. humble origins, necessitating a move to its current location at58 N. Main St. in 2007. The ICON Gallery has since become a FAIRFIELD IS SERIOUSLYcreative nucleus for the artistic community, longing for the art UNIQUE FOR A SMALL TOWNscenes of larger cities.IN IOWA.- Local Artist Bill TeepleALL THESE PEOPLE WOULD COME HERE, AND THEY WERE MISSING THE CULTURE OF THE BIG CITY AND THE For more than 50 years, variousinitiatives have been instrumental in the growth of Fairfields artCULTURE OF THE EAST COAST AND WEST COAST,scene. The Fairfield Art Association, founded in 1966, began offeringTeeple said. classes and workshops to local artists of all ages based in the old Carnegie Library building. Since 2007, the association has beenSo, when I opened the gallery and these music venues startedheadquartered in the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center. In 2002,happening, everyone felt this relief that the things theyd beenStacey Hurlin founded the First Fridays Art Walk, attracting missing were now starting to happen in Fairfield. Now, its been thousands to revel in the local art and music of Fairfield. Additionally,going on in Fairfield so long that people are moving here just togalleries such as Art 52 and ICON Gallery serve to boost the visibilitybe part of the art scene.of artists in Fairfield and provide them with a creative outlet.6 THE VIBE GUIDE OF FAIRFIELD IOWA'