b'The Carnegie Museum: Telling The Fairfield Storyometimes to learn about your hometown, you have to do aWe have an incredible variety from the Smithsonian including some S little digging. Depending on where you come from, that task19th-century taxidermy, said museum staff member Theresecan be easier said than done. Fairfield isnt one of thoseCummiskey, adding the taxidermy goes well beyond the local fauna to places. For years, the Carnegie Museum been a regularinclude sea lions, penguins, alligators, and more.part of the community, telling the fascinating stories of Fairfield and the people who built and shaped it into the city it is today. Housed in what was originally Fairfields Carnegie Library, the museum tells the We have a lot of Native American pottery that dates harrowing stories of local heroes like Maj. Mehitable E. Woods, a Civilback to the early years. We have Civil War and Lincoln War hero who cared for Union soldiers in Iowa and ran supplies toartifacts on display along with a really cool collection troops all along the Mississippi River, reaching as far south asLouisiana. But the curios that fill the Carnegie Museum go far beyondof World War II posters. We have pioneer tools and we those youd be accustomed to finding in any small-town museum.have firearms. For such a small museum, we have just Sure, fossils found locally and memorabilia from the old Parsonsa wealth of antiquities and collections. College fill the halls, but the collection becomes much moreeclectic as you wander from display to display.You can visit the library at the cornerof South Court Street and EastWashington Street in lovely Fairfield, IA.4 THE VIBE GUIDE OF FAIRFIELD IOWA'