b'Historic TimesGood Vibesn the land of Fairfield, Iowa, the vibes have always beenVisitors can also peer back in time through sites such as the Elm I positive. After all, from the moment settler Nancy Grove School House, one of 400 remaining one-room schools in Bonnifield laid eyes on the expanse that would become ourIowa, and Maasdam Barns, which bred and raised award-winning city, she knew such fair fields were deserving of a name todraft horses from 1910-1938 and pioneered agricultural machinery suit them. As the years went on, Fairfield became a hub of goodwith its use of the Louden monorail system. Weve always valued vibes for the State of Iowawe hosted the first two Iowa Statehigher education here, serving as home to Parsons College for Fairs in 1854-55, opening with the presentation of a 360-poundnearly a century. Today, Maharishi International University carries Great Denmark Cheese. Our early history is on display to this dayon that tradition to provide knowledge to all who seek it, as well as through the many historic sites around town. The Carnegie shaping Fairfield into a hub for arts and culture in the Midwest. Museum, for example, is housed in Fairfields original CarnegieThe establishment of MIU in Fairfield enhanced the cultural Library, the first such library west of the Mississippi. Early settler trajectory of the city, drawing in talent from all over the globe and architecture is on display with the Bonnifield Cabin at Bonnifieldtransforming Fairfield into a center for the arts in Southeast Iowa.Park, the oldest two-story log house in Iowa, and the McElhinney House, a stunning New England-style manor built in 1846. 1853 1858Fairfield becomes the first city Railroads makein Iowa to offer library services. their way toThe Fairfield library eventually becomes Fairfield, spurringthe first Carnegie Library west of economic growth.the Mississippi River in 1893.Bonnifield Cabin, 7/16/19201839 1854 1862Fairfield is settled. Named Fairfield hosts the first Maj. Mehitable E. Woods begins her first by settler Nancy Bonnifield, Iowa State Fair. Fairfield would mission to transport medical supplies to it becomes the county seat host the State Fair once more Union troops in Springfield, MO. Throughout the same year. in 1855 before the event is the Civil War, Maj. Woods would make 13 trips moved to Des Moines. carrying nine cargoes weighing between 2 and 37 tons apiece.2 THE VIBE GUIDE OF FAIRFIELD IOWA'