b'The only difference is the pace at which life moves. Because when youre not spending half your life stuck in traffic, you find much more time to devote to your hobbies and passions.When youre trying to raise three kids in a city and it takes you 45 minutes to get to a grocery store in traffic, a lot of your life is just sucked up with commuting and that carries through the rest of your life, said Jessica Hatchette. You just have so much less time for simple pleasures. Living in Fairfield allows us to have time to be together as a family and really bond and nurture that family structure. FAIRFIELD REALLY SPENT A LOT OF TIMETHINKING ABOUT WHAT FAMILIES WANT. - said Jessica HatchetteA Lifetime Of Good Vibes The same goes for children, who find the same activities andextra-curriculars theyd find in any city. Fairfield is home to several youth sports and programs through Fairfield Parks and Recreation. We came to Fairfield originally in June 2018. There were a number of reasons, but the biggest was probably we have three small kids and we really wanted to give them something different. The energy was not right in the D.C. area. We wanted the opposite of D.C.less traffic, less angry, more homey, more community feel. And Fairfield filled those boxes, said Fairfield resident Greg Hatchette. Best of all, Fairfield is a city that not only welcomes all cultures and traditions but embraces and celebrates them as wellfrom our annual Diwali celebration to our holiday festivities on the square, in Fairfield youll find a community that fosters, rejoices, and celebrates its diversity. It feels so nice to be able to celebrate in the ways that we would traditionally with this beautiful town around us, Wegman said.IT JUST FEELS VERY WELCOMING AND OPEN THAT YOU CAN CELEBRATE YOUR ROOTS, LEARN AND DISCOVER NEW THINGS IN THIS SWEET, LITTLE TOWN OF FAIRFIELD. - said Sankari WegmanTHE VIBE GUIDE OF FAIRFIELD IOWA17'