b'Livin in fairfield:A Lifetime Of Good Vibeshat lures people to live in our small, SoutheastIts just a very lovely place to live. After I got married and had W Iowa city? How about a lifetime of good vibes? Howkids, it just felt like a very, very sweet place to raise our children.about a small-town city with big city amenities? How about a calm, peaceful, multicultural city where everyoneI did notice a really big contrast from where we used to live. We knows everyone and the people you see on the street alwayswere definitely lacking a sense of community. The D.C. metro wave back? You see, the people who come to Fairfield dontarea is very transient, said Fairfield resident Jessica Hatchette.just make it a stepping-stone to something bigger and better.Thats not to say a lot of new people dont live in Fairfield, but I They make it home. In many cases, residents arrive through thefind that theres a different vibe here. As soon as we moved here, Maharishi International University, and after spending years inpeople just wanted to know who we were and talked to usso our community, discover they dont want to leave. open, so friendly. It made it easy to feel comfortable right away. Once here, youll find the same quality of life youd find in anyI CAME HERE TO GO TO MIU. INITIALLY I THOUGHT Ilarger citybut scaled down in a safe, welcoming community. WOULD MOVE BACK HOME TO THE EAST COAST. BUT There are plenty of activities for the kids and family to do all AFTER GRADUATING, I JUST FELL IN LOVE WITH THISyear-round. I went and visited my brother in a larger city, and the LITTLE TOWN,- said Sankari Wegman, a local Ayurvedic things that we did in the larger city were the same things that we do here in Fairfield, said Fairfield City Engineer Melanie Carlson. Consultant who came for an education and stayed for the love of the city. We went to a museum; we have the Carnegie Museum right here in Fairfield. Then we went to a playground, which we have lots of It just feels so quiet and simple. I just ended up staying here. playgrounds in Fairfield. And then we went out for dinner and the Its been years since I graduated, but I just love living here. I feelvariety in that larger town was probably less than the variety we like Ive made so many dear family friends. have in Fairfield.16 THE VIBE GUIDE OF FAIRFIELD IOWA'