b'1 MAASDAM BARNS -Historic Maasdam Barns and Museum 5 MATKIN PLAZA -The beautifully designed Matkin Plaza offers a snapshot of an early 20th-century draft horse farm serves as a perfect blend of Fairfields artistic and outdoorand agricultural innovation where J.G. Maasdam raised and heritage. Honoring engineer Bill Matkin, who designed the sold award-winning draft horses and was at one time nearby bowstring truss bridge that spans over Route 1, Matkin home to Louis DOr, the largest horse in the world. Plaza features beautifully sculpted concrete benches by artist Judy Bales, plus natural, ornamental grasses and wildflowers 2 LAMSON WOODS STATE PRESERVE & NEFF WETLANDS -that provide a serene stop for riders and hikers to rest.Lamson Woods State Preserve and Neff Wetland Area 6 HERITAGE PARK -Heritage Park features a dedicatedfeature 43-acres of woodland and more than 100 speciesof birds, making it a must-visit destination for any pickleball court for all skill levels, from beginners to experts.birdwatcher. Originally Fairfields first golf course, Play a round of pickup basketball, get a friendly game ofgroomed trails and bridges make this area perfectly suited softball or kickball in, or kick back and let the little onesfor outdoor enthusiasts. explore the playground.3 CHAUTAUQUA PARK -One of Fairfields most popular parks,7 WHITHAM WOODS -Originally the site of the C.W. Whitham Chautauqua Park offers recreational opportunities for all Nursery, Whitham Woods features an incredibly diverseages, including a playground, grills and shelters for specialpopulation of plant life with more than 100 species of treesevents, and a disc golf course. Be sure to drop in on the parks in the park. Along with a four-acre prairie plot and a one-acre community orchard, where residents tend to and grow organicpond, Whitham Woods offers outdoor opportunities for all fruits and vegetables for all to enjoy. seasons, from cross-country skiing in the winter to fishing in the summer.4 WALTON, PLEASANT, & BONNIFIELD LAKES -The Lakes Segment of the Loop Trail takes you to Walton, Pleasant, 8 THE CEDAR VIEW TRAIL -Cedar View Trail is connectedand Bonnifield Lakes, all retired reservoirs now used for to the Fairfield Loop Trail and also connects to the seven milesrecreational purposes. Take in the scenery of these beautifulof trail within Jefferson County Park. The first segment ofwaterways from the shore, paddle your way around by canoeCedar View Trail follows the old railroad right-of-way foror kayak, or cast a line on all three for a chance to reel in bass,approximately one mile to the Cedar View Trail Bridge,bluegill, catfish, crappie, sunfish, and more. Looking for reliefwhere you can have an amazing view of the Cedar Creekon a hot summer day? Bonnifield Lake is also home to Timber & Wetlands.Waterworks Parkwhich features a small sand beach for swimmers as well as a playground, boat launch, and shelters9 JEFFERSON COUNTY PARK -Reconnect with the great and grills for get-togethersand Bonnifield Cabin, the oldestoutdoors at Jefferson County Park. Located on the southwest two-story log house in Iowa, built by Rhodham Bonnifield andcorner of Fairfield, Jefferson County Park is home to 24sons in 1838. campsites with 20-, 30-, and 50-amp electric hookups, as well as two cabins available for rentalan ideal spot for campers from May to October. While youre there, check out the parks seven miles of trails through timber, prairie, and wetlands. Feeling brave? Head across the parks 75-foot swinging bridgejust dont look down!THE VIBE GUIDE OF FAIRFIELD IOWA15'