b'A homegrown success story:The Cider City FISHBACK & STEPHENSON CIDER HOUSE W hat does it take to bring a world-class cidery to thecity you grew up in? If you ask Clint Stephenson, alot of ambition, creativity, and washing machines. Stephensonone of four friends along with Hopi James, Annalisa Thompson, and Cole Fishback, who co-founded Fishback &Stephenson Cider Househelped take what started as a hobbybetween friends in the basement of one of their homes to one ofthe premier cideries in Iowa. Situated on 33 acres of gorgeous Iowa scenery, the taprooma timber-framed structure completed in 2018offers a wide selectionWE STARTED WALKING AROUND THE COUNTY of ciders from their original Coyote Verde green apple cider to their PICKING APPLES AND COMING UP WITH CREATIVE Maple Starship spiced maple apple cider. WAYS TO MAKE CIDER,Stephenson said,And the result? Fishback & Stephenson was named the 2020 Iowa adding residents around town were eager to have the group Cider Producer of the Year by the New York International Cidercome and pick apples that had fallen from their trees and were Competition. The cider house even hosted a pop-up Moobysattracting insects. We started putting ads in newspapers, restaurant based on the fictional restaurant chain in director Kevin Craigslist, and Facebook to go pick peoples apples. The operationSmiths films, producing a limited-edition cider called Jay & Silent has grown quite a bit since its genesis in 2014. Fishback & Bob Cherry Kush to coincide with the event. Its things like thatStephenson processes anywhere from 16,000-20,000 pounds ofwith Fairfield. Theres that creativity, Stephenson said. Theres apples in a week with distribution in Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri. usually some sort of connection from the art department from The cidery also boasts a large belt press along with several heating(Maharishi International University) or the film school, or someone and cooling tanks. And now, Fishback & Stephenson will begin meets somebody or gets here from around the globe or the coasts.canning its own cider in-house. 12 THE VIBE GUIDE OF FAIRFIELD IOWA'