b'1 FISHBACK & STEPHENSON CIDER HOUSE Hometo one of the best dang burgers youll find in Iowa. 2 LUNCHBOX Comfort food with an innovative twist. Find out why the chicken sandwich easily wins the1Chicken Wars! 3 SHOKAI SUSHI Big-city sushi in a small-town setting. You dont want to miss their incredibly innovative sushi rolls! 4 TACO DREAMS Southwest flavor with locally2sourced, grass-fed beef. Try them barbacoa or carne molida! 5 SWEET N SAUCY Southern-style, wood-firedbarbecue. Brisket, pulled pork, tenderloins. is anyone else getting hungry in here? 36 CAF PARADISOIntimate coffee shop withworld-class espresso. Be sure to stick aroundfor live entertainment! 7 ISTANBUL GRILL Freshly made Mediterraneanand American options. Try the zesty kebab and6falafel plates or try a taste of the Windy City with their deep-dish pizza! 5 48 REVELATIONS Wood-fired pizza and homemade soup and sandwiches. Love avocados? Youll love7 8the California pizza!9 HAZEL MOON CAFEspresso, tea, andgluten-free treats. Kick back and relax withtheir South Pacific-inspired kava drinks!10 ASIAN PHO BISTRO Authentic pho restaurantwith fresh, made-to-order entrees. The glassnoodles with chicken will shatter your expectations! 11 SABIS CAFHome to authentic Indian food.Try the chickpeas seasoned with freshly roasted pomegranate seeds, cumin seeds, and tamarind!9FISHBACK & STEPHENSON10 11CIDER HOUSE BURGERIf youre looking for a good burger, youve come to the right place. Fishback &Stephenson Cider House makes one heck of a burgerrated one of the top 10 in the state, as a matter of fact. The taproom features an award-winning restaurant with a full menu, but the burger is the star of the show. Fishback & Stephenson buys its beef exclusively from a farm in Fairfield owned by the Adrian family, lifelong friends of co-founder Clint Stephenson, ensuring your burger is a one-of-a-kind taste of Fairfield. All of our beef is locally grown and sourced, said Stephenson, adding the beef is given an extra twist before its processed.WE ACTUALLY TAKE THE APPLE MASH FROM OUR CIDER PRESS AND FEED IT TO THE CATTLE. WEALSO DONT CUT THE STEAKS OUTWE USE WHOLE COWS. SO, ITS NOT REGULAR GROUND BEEF.THE VIBE GUIDE OF FAIRFIELD IOWA11'