b'On WithThe Show hat kind of shows can you expect to see in our We try to host something thats unique for this part of Iowaand W humble, Southeast Iowa city? Well, A little bit of the region as well, Bauer said. When I program, I try to choose everything, to be honest! things that are excellent, saying something that needs to be said right now, right here by the people that I know, but also thingsYOU CAN SEE EVERYTHING FROM BROADWAY TOURS that are surprising. I love to share something that we havent TO INTERNATIONAL ACROBATICS ACTS OR MUSICIANS seen here before. The creativity in the performing arts you find at the Arts & Convention Center radiates throughout the entire FROM AROUND THE GLOBE AS WELL AS HERE IN town. At night, live music fills the air as local shops transform into FAIRFIELD AND THE UNITED STATES.mini concert venues.- Lindsay Bauer,Director of the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center Take Caf Paradiso, for example. There, youll see a daytime coffee We host national tourseverything from ballet to Irish dance to shop transform into a venue forhip-hop dance to rap, classical music, and theatre, as well.folk, indie rock, jazz, and more. The Arts & Convention Center, home to the Sondheim Center for theYou can also catch the FairfieldPerforming Arts, has become a cultural focal point for Fairfield, hostingnightlife vibe at the Depot House, nationally recognized shows such as Chicago and Rent. The Arts &whose robust calendar of events, Convention Center maintains a rotation of nationally recognized plays,diverse performers, andconcerts, and shows from September through May. great food makes it one of Fairfields premier destinations.THAT REALLY IS KIND OF THE VIBE WE HAVE HERE, JUST TO BE ABLE TO SIT OUTSIDE AT THE CORNER CAF AND THEN BE ABLE TO HEAR GREAT MUSIC AND GRAB A GREAT MEAL ALL IN A ONE-BLOCK RADIUS, Bauer said.THE VIBE GUIDE OF FAIRFIELD IOWA9'