‘Wiches of Fairfield 2021

‘Wiches of Fairfield 2021

By Visit Fairfield | October 19, 2021

Want to try the best sandwiches in Fairfield? The 'Wiches are back and the 2021 versions pack a powerful punch of flavor! From tacos to burgers, we've got you covered with our top 5 picks.

Add them to your plans this Fall because you deserve to munch on these tasty bites.

The Farmhand

Welcome to Sweet n Saucy, Home of Fairfield’s finest BBQ! This Farmhand sandwich is stuffed with yummy cheese, brisket so juicy it might explode in your hands,  a layer of our succulent pulled pork, and topped with crispy beer-battered onion rings that are sure to leave you smacking your lips in delight! Then to take things up a notch - maybe two - just add Memphis sauce or Spicy sauce if you can handle the kick. SWEET 'N SAUCY

The Hot Chicken Sandwich

Do not attempt to multitask while eating this sandwich because this sandwich is a whole experience. Chef Camp is a born and bred Southerner who takes his fried chicken VERY seriously. This sandwich is the complete and perfect marriage of southern comfort and elevated creative culinary exploration. It is; crispy, juicy, spicy, tangy, deeply flavorful, the bun is soft but toasted perfectly, the aioli is bright and refreshing, the house-made pickle is a pop of acid right along side the rich melt in your mouth chicken and then the proprietary hot chili oil is out of this world flavorful. Still not sure? Come try one for yourself, you'll see.  LUNCHBOX

Signature Proof Burger

What's a list of 'Wiches without a burger??!! Newbie in town, Proof 102, is bringing the culinary fun with their larger-than-life smash burger. Made with two 3oz patties of local grass-fed beef and smashed with all the crispy bits of a true smash burger, this bad boy is served on a pretzel bun with caramelized red onions, 2 year aged white cheddar, and our Signature Proof Sauce. Pair with one of their specialty cocktails for a meal of culinary heaven. PROOF 102

The Torta Sandwich

When is a taco not a taco?  When it's a sandwich! The Torta Sandwich at Taco Dreams has so much delicious flavor in every bite! It’s a toasted bolillo roll with creamy refried beans, choice of protein (chicken is our favorite!), cotija cheese, pickled red onions & jalapeños, lettuce and tomato. It’s just the perfect toasty, juicy, tangy combination bite after bite. You might find yourself dreaming of another!  TACO DREAMS

The Gyros

At Mike and Nikkis, it's all about the gyros. Rich in flavor, one bite will transport you to Greece with their authentic spices and grilled meat topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, all on a chewy pita. Go ahead and boldly dip into that tangy tzatziki sauce. Choose from traditional, BBQ, Chicken, or  Spicy, and if you can’t make up your mind, order a sampler and bring a friend! MIKE AND NIKKIS


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