Wandering into Wanderers Haul


Wandering into Wanderers Haul

By Travis West | August 20, 2021

Wandering into Wanderers Haul

I’ve been a gamer for as long as I can remember.  Growing up my family would always compete with games, creating bonds and making memories.  We played monopoly, risk, chess, and anything with a clear winner.  For me, interacting with people through games means quality time.

As I’ve gotten older my love of games has intensified and my devotion to their mastery bloomed.  I’ve sought more intricate and complex games but always stayed rooted in the fun and still revel in the simplicity of games like connect four.  Some of my strongest relationships and friendly rivalries are tied to games.  I'll play anyone, any game, any time.  That’s why, when I heard a new game shop was opening up in town, I was excited and joyous.

Wanderers Haul, located right next to the town square at 115 East Burlington Ave, is just the place for me.  With the coolest of owners and friendliest of patrons, I immediately felt at home.  There is a wide array of games to choose from and special events happening every week.  Endless forms of entertainment also including anything from puzzles to fun candy will keep me coming back.


6 things to find when wandering in The Wanderers Haul (In a very particular order)


  1. Miniature Figurines – For a long time now I’ve been suggesting to people that we can paint figurines if we need something to do. It has been a kind of half joke because that seems like a really random thing to just pass the time.  But I’ve always secretly wanted to and I just recently bought some little goblins to paint.  I was able to get a set of tiny brushes and a color kit that is perfect for the green rascals, all pretty cheap.


  1. Puzzles and Board games – I still enjoy the old classics: Clue, Life, battleship, etc. but I really like branching out and learning new games.  I just found a game called “Photosynthesis” where you play as trees trying to grow into a massive forest.  I think I can get my hippie friend to play with me while still getting my game fix.  Its made with 100% recycled product and has amazing art.


  1. Candy and Drinks - I have yet to try all the flavors of craft soda available at the shop and it seems like they are always getting some new rando candy.  Snacking is always a rewarding way to spend breaks between games.  I still have a candy inspired by Bob Ross, the painter, that ill probably just keep unopened because it's hilarious.


  1. Dungeons and Dragons – I don’t know if you’ve ever wanted to start a campaign as a good-natured elf thief or see what it's like to be a staff-wielding evil mage. But through the imaginative realm of Dungeons and Dragons, you can do just that!  You can do anything you want if you can think it up and roll the dice good enough.  Tank your party's chances or lead them to glory, I’m sure you can find a dungeon master to show you the ropes.


  1. Community – Every single person I’ve met at Wanderers Haul has been rad. I’ve made friends that I enjoy keeping up with and it makes me happy seeing them around town.  Heck, also, I didn’t even know my coworker gamed until I met him in the finals at a Magic tournament!  Now we got something to banter about when it’s slow during a shift.


  1. Magic the Gathering – Nerd Core engage. Love your inner dork. Play Magic.  This is a beautifully illustrated collectible card game.  You play lands to “tap” for “mana” thereby allowing you to cast creatures, spells, and other items and abilities (It's easier to learn than it sounds at first). Typically played between two people the goal is the defeat your opponent with the unique strategy devised from your own conglomerate of cards.  I’ve played magic for over 25 years and like the other 20 million-plus people who play around the globe, I continually find it intriguing and exciting.

See you there!





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