Tour the Bale Trail Art

Tour the Bale Trail Art

By Visit Fairfield | August 31, 2020

Take a tour of the Bale Trail Art

In the countryside south of Fairfield, the Historic Hills Scenic Byway traverses 110 miles of rolling hills, state parks, forest land, and rural communities. Taking a drive through the byway gives us a chance to really appreciate nature but also enjoy some unique food and shops along the way. But during this time of year, there is a special event that is sure to delight the whole family... The Bale Trail Tour.

Nine bale artists have channeled their creative sides to come up with bale displays that are out of the ordinary. Bale art is not just something done by bored farmers. It's a form of sculpture that transforms hay bales into characters and scenes... and they are pretty adorable. What better way to celebrate Fall than by traveling to see each bale, but if time is limited, make a stop at one or two of them. Once the season is gone, so is the art!

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