Spring isn’t the only thing in the air


Spring isn’t the only thing in the air

By Travis West | May 10, 2021

Spring isn’t the only thing in the air

Everyone loves tossing the old frisbee around.  Throwing them far, throwing them wide, and throwing them at targets is fun.  It only takes a round piece of plastic and you’ve got hours of entertainment.  But did you know it could get even more fun?


If you’ve ever tried the pursuit of disc golf,  you’ll understand what I’m talking about.  Developing your distance and your accuracy is both challenging and meditative.  The reward of ringing the chains of a disc golf target basket is satisfying.  But stringing together enough successfully thrown shots to form a solid round is downright blissful.  Not to mention the health benefits of a walk through the park or the camaraderie of a community united in a single passion.  Disc golf has it all and you should try your hand right here in Fairfield!  And it's free!

Fairfield’s disc golf course is located in Chautauqua park at the east edge of town. The park is a beautiful destination for any sunny spring day.  There are beautiful trees, wildlife, and streams running through.  There are playgrounds, BBQ and picnic areas, and a fully accommodated 18 hole disc golf course.  Complete with tee pads, signs, and a full map at the beginning, one can navigate the park effortlessly playing the best game around.


With a good balance of obstacles and terrain changes, you get the opportunity to hone all facets of your throw.  Hole one is a picturesque start to the course with a basket framed between two trees and the border of the road.  While all the holes are enjoyable, a couple of holes that stand out are holes 8 and 14.  Hole eight piques my interest atop a sharp incline guarded by a few trees.  And who wouldn’t like hole fourteen, where you throw over a bridge crossing a creek to the ever beckoning basket on the other side?  Whether you end up walking away with a hole-in-one or just shank all day you’ll be happy you played at Chautauqua Park.  See you out there!


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