Making family memories without breaking the bank


Making family memories without breaking the bank

By Visit Fairfield | November 12, 2019

Taking the whole family on vacation can be expensive. But there’s no need to leave everyone at home… there are affordable options that don’t compromise on the fun and memories.

We think a visit to Fairfield is going to surprise you with its picturesque parks, internationally inspired restaurants, and artistic flair. If you’re here on a Saturday, you can head to the Farmers Market in Howard Park. You can pick up some goodies to eat on the spot and let the kids stretch their legs in the playground.

Farmers Market on Saturdays in Howard Park

Head Downtown

Then head into the downtown and check out Stuff a Bear and More. This unique Fairfield shop is PACKED with stuffed animals that you and your kids can make together. While you’re downtown, check out the Carnegie Museum. It’s one of Iowa’s oldest museums and is known for its large collection of Native American pottery and civil war memorabilia. The kids will also get a kick out of the taxidermy collection, gifted to the museum by the Smithsonian. You can visit the museum for free and is always open for the Fairfield First Fridays events.

Speaking of the First Fridays, this is a popular event held on the first Friday of every month. The evening is devoted to a community gathering centered around free live music and family-friendly activities. You”ll discover art galleries, shops, food trucks, and restaurants, all centered around the downtown square.

Activities in the downtown square

Outdoor Fun

We believe that the great outdoors is one of the best bonding experiences a family can have… and mother nature doesn’t demand a high price tag. There’s no better place to hang out with the family than on our Loop Trail. The trails take you through a variety of landscapes including woodlands, meadows and reestablished prairie. And, because the trail connects all of the parks, you’ll want to jump off the trail at Jefferson County Park and go across the swinging bridge!

Kids at the Fairfiled Outdoor Pool

Cool Off

If you need a bit of cooling off during your visit, "slide" on into Fairfield's outdoor pool.


Don't let those family memories pass you by! Take a trip... come visit us! Want more information to help you plan your visit? Get your visitor's Guide here.

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