Gifts for Mom this Mother’s Day

Gifts for Mom this Mother’s Day

By Donna Cronce | April 30, 2021

Gifts for Mom this Mother's Day

I LOVE BUYING GIFTS. Mother’s Day is around the corner, so I’m off in search of some beautiful, thoughtful gifts to please the mothers in my life.

I am always looking for something unique and original. Something that matches each person's likes and personality. Today I want to check out some of Fairfield's unique options.

Traditional Gift Shop

Everyone told me to “Check out Adela’s”. What a lovely shop! Everything is beautifully arranged. There’s so much to take in: candles, handbags, lotions, cat and dog mom gifts, housewares, jewelry and a lot more. I think one of my favorites is the Pandora charm bracelet. I can purchase a base bracelet and add charms in the future. There’s a great starter package with a lovely Mother’s Day heart charm. When Mom’s birthday comes around I can add to the bracelet. Or how about a handblown glass orb? There is a choice of sentiments on them and they are just gorgeous. Mom would love this one-of-a-kind piece of art. And the sentiment is going score some big points for sure!

Handmade Eco Friendly

Just down the street from Adela’s on the south side of the square is one of the newest Fairfield additions, Terra. It wasn’t what I expected. It felt very homey and utterly charming. Terra's mission is to source items from South America made by indigenous people using sustainable materials. The handbags and scarves are stunning. There is also jewelry, hair bands, masks and other accessories and housewares. I was pleasantly surprised with the reasonable pricing of the earth conscious products. Mom would love one of the scarves, and maybe a handbag or a backpack. She will surely appreciate the way they are made and that they are earth friendly.

Unique to Each Person 

I also wanted to check out Two Eagles on the east side of the square. I was greeted at the door by two little dogs – that's what I love about Fairfield! There are some beautiful Native American items: arrowheads, baskets, blankets, dream catchers etc. But I venture further into the store and see all of the geodes and different stones. I am always in search of natural healing items. For centuries people have treasured different stones thought to have healing properties. Which one is just right for Mom? The stones come in different sizes. I could buy one as a piece that would sit on a desk or bookcase in its natural state, or a small polished stone that could be put in a pocket or inserted in a small silver basket type necklace. This was so exciting! I think I’m going to pick up one for each of the Moms, and I’ll confess… one for myself too! Very easy on the pocketbook and definitely a conversation piece.

Don’t forget the FLOWERS!

I don’t know any woman that doesn’t like flowers. They’re beautiful, they’re cheerful, they make you smile. No woman can resist them as a gesture of love. Fairfield Flower and More can provide anything from one stem to a gorgeous bouquet. A great gift by themselves or as an add-on gift. And Mom will enjoy them even after her special day! They also carry live and silk plants as well as some lovely gift items for the home and garden.

You only have one week to go. Check out these local merchants and the many other places to find Mom that perfect gift – just by taking a walk around the Fairfield square!


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