From Collage to Quilts

From Collage to Quilts

By Visit Fairfield | October 11, 2021

Collage, assemblage, and art quilts are all prime artistic expressions of the whole being equal to more than the sum of its parts!

Throughout the month of October and into November, the Fairfield art scene is highlighted with intriguing works of fiber, paint, found objects, and more.



Synergy, a show of contemporary collage and assemblage runs October 1st through November 27th at ICON Gallery and features three Iowa City artists. Sue Hettmansperger, Cheryl Jacobsen, and Kathy Edwards Hayslett.

Collage and assemblage are some of the more interesting contemporary art practices seen today. With many global roots, Collage is an old technique that allows artists to create new combinations that showcase different perspectives on memories and histories or expose the human condition.

This show is truly a feast for the eyes with striking textures, diverse materials, and compelling color schemes. The found objects work by Jacobson & Hayslett is mesmerizing, mixing old photos and discarded metal objects, leaving the viewer with a message about how multifaceted life has become. Hettmansperger expertly uses color and form to elicit contemplation about the human condition and provides perfect metaphors for the disjunction of time we live in. Collage lends itself to this idea perfectly because it is a process of putting things together without any order, creating the one thing out of many.

This exhibit is worth a visit. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday Noon to 5:00. For more information call 641 919 6252

Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday Noon to 5:00. For more information call 641 919 6252


Art Quilts

"Red Tail at Sunset" Fibert Art by Barbara Riggs

The Iowa Art Quilters & Fiber Artists show is definitely not your grandma’s quilt show. This fiber show of 30+ art pieces, including Fairfield's Wendy Read, is a favorite for viewers and is located in the Main Gallery at the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center.

"Lincoln Gulch" by Wendy Read

Quilts can be created in a variety of ways, and they often draw inspiration from traditional techniques. However the term “art quilt” has been coined which allows for more creative use than would otherwise be possible with typical Quilting styles. This new designation reflects how fiber artists push boundaries by incorporating various media such as painting or drawing on their pieces - all while still adhering strictly to traditional methods like stitching them together!

The Iowa Art Quilters and Fiber Artists group is open to any Iowan interested in the quilting/fiber arts, beginners to advanced.  The group aims to learn from each other and share their techniques and creativity.

The Main Gallery at the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center is open 9-5 M-F




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