A Wintery State of Mind


A Wintery State of Mind

By Visit Fairfield | February 11, 2021

A Wintery State of Mind

Now that the ground is covered in snow, it’s time to engage in some fun winter activities. You may already have some favorite things to do every winter but just in case you want to expand your horizons, we’re offering a few things to add to your bucket list!

  1. Get outside & try something new: A snowy landscape inspires some exhilarating winter activities like hiking, ice fishing. snowshoeing, biking, and sledding. The Fairfield Loop Trail and Jefferson County Park are open for hiking, but you may need some snowshoes depending on the snow depth. A few adventurous souls actually go biking in the winter using bikes specially designed for snow conditions. Wipeouts are known to happen… but hey that’s part of the adventure! Avid sportsmen and amateurs alike enjoy some ice fishing on several lakes in Fairfield, with Bonnifield and Pleasant Lake being the most popular. Check out this ice fishing adventure with Toad and Timberdoodle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSPuohSTZIw&t  
  2. Find the perfect winter hat (or make one): No matter what your winter activities involve, a good hat can carry you through the coldest of days. The warmest of head coverings can be found at local shops like Overland Outfitters or Adela's. But for a great personalized look, consider making your own with yarns (and help) from the At Home Store. Who knows, maybe it will stimulate a new winter hobby!
  3. Curl up with a good book: If indoor activities are your favorite wintertime sport, we bet you’d agree that nothing beats a warm fire and a good book. And for something a little different, try these Fairfield authors;
  1. Take an art class: Once a month ICON gallery hosts a Paint & Party event where participants paint in the style of a classic artist. You can order a kit ahead of time and then tune in with your artist gang and paint the night away. Get on their mailing list for all the details. bill@icon-art.org.  Local artist and master pastel and watercolor artist John Preston hosts a live virtual class every Wed on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/john.preston.7737. Be sure to grab some supplies from Cindy's Art Beat as you set off at your new hobby.
  2. Sipping hot chocolate: Whether it’s a day of hiking the trails or last-minute holiday shopping, warming up with a hot beverage is always welcome. Some of our favorites include the matcha latte from Cafe Paradiso, a fun little java shop with ambiance. Or try a specialty tea from The Bookhouse. This little drink spot is the coziest spot in town and their view of the downtown makes for some fulfilling people watching.

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