5 reasons why you should be spending your Saturday mornings at the Farmer’s Market.


5 reasons why you should be spending your Saturday mornings at the Farmer’s Market.

By Ashlyn Allsup | May 12, 2021

5 reasons why you should be spending your Saturday mornings at the Farmer’s market.


If you’re anything like me sleeping in on a Saturday morning is nearly impossible. I often find myself waking up from my internal alarm with the sunrise. I used to curse this because what is there to do on a Saturday morning bright and early while the rest of the world sleeps? That was until I found my new favorite pastime— strolling through the Fairfield Farmer’s Market.

Other than it being a way to pass the time the Farmer’s market has many other things to offer your day. Here is my list of 5 reasons why you should be adding our Fairfield Farmer’s Market to your list of things to do on the weekends:

  1. Fresh produce— obviously.

This one seems like a no brainer. I know when I think Farmer’s Market the first thing to come to mind is fruits and vegetables. However instead of sitting on semi trucks, being unloaded and then sitting on the shelves of the groceries stores you can rest easy knowing that you have the freshest produce available. These items are literally being picked from our own back yard and sold immediately. This cuts down on hands on your food, hours sitting around, and even makes sure that you’re being offered different vegetables that are in season right now. It’s also so much easier to find produce that you would have never thought to purchase before because you’re not hunting around different sections trying to find something. It’s all laid out right there at the farmer’s stand and often they can even provide recipes to you or ideas on how to cook each item that you’re purchasing.

Produce isn’t the only thing you can purchase either, I also saw many other stands offering hanging baskets and flowers at amazing prices— especially for how large the arrangements were.


  1. BAKED GOODS!!!!!!

I can NOT emphasis this one enough. My sweet tooth has always gone wild at the market with all of the stuff that is being offered. Between the many bakeries in town offering their products (including MANY vegan and gluten free options as well which is so important), the Amish bringing their fresh baked pies and pastries, and even farmer’s making their own baked goods with produce straight from their garden this is a win-win for any sweets lover who either doesn’t have time or can’t bake themselves. My one suggestion however is to get there early if the baked goods are your main target because those things go FAST.

I know personally my new tradition will be picking up a cinnamon roll from the Back to The Basic’s farm stand to accompany me as I stroll through the park.

Not only baked goods however the Market offered food items that I never would have dreamed of seeking out like Vegetable Samosas and vegan sausage rolls. All of which are organic. They offer a variety of food options to really showcase the great options in town that you may have never thought to try before your mouth was watering from the smells while you visited.


  1. The arts, crafts, and other unique finds that can be found.

We all know how creative Fairfield is but how often do you get to really admire and also purchase from our amazing artists in town? Probably not very. Walking through the market you can find many homemade items such as pot holders, jewelry, crystals, canvas paintings, and even plants potted in beautifully made planters. It’s so easy anymore to just do a couple clicks on the computer and have any item under the sun arrive at your door step in two days time. Instead of searching for your gifts or splurges on some big time website however how cool is it to say that you got a specific item in the place that you live made by someone that you can walk past on the street? All the while knowing that it is one of a kind?


  1. Putting back into the local economy.

This one is an important one especially these days. If we want to have these great options in Fairfield and continue to enjoy the culture and variety that Fairfield has to offer then we need to be supporting those local businesses from Fairfield. What better way than to skip the big corporations and buy from those who are utilizing the land that they live on and the skills that they were given right here in your own town.


  1. Community Connections

Again, such an important thing after the last year that we lived through and better way to socially distance in the great out doors. You the joy of soaking in the sunshine and fresh air as well as the ability to hang out with friends, take the family for an outing or even meet new people that you wouldn’t have otherwise met by just walking through the aisles of the grocery store.

The Market is also at an incredibly nice park so it’s a wonderful opportunity to take the kids, watch them play and shop at the same time.

The Fairfield Farmer’s Market is located Saturday mornings from 8 am until 1 pm at Howard Park just down from the Court House. If Saturday mornings aren’t your jam either then do I have great news for you— the market is also on Wednesdays from 3 pm until 6 pm and conveniently located on the Square.

This is a smaller market and while it doesn’t have the same kind of availability to buy your frozen goods right next to your green beans it does offer fresher items, a  unique variety and amazing eats all made by people that you can personally thank for providing. I hope that the next time you aren’t sure what to do on a Saturday Morning that you consider grabbing a coffee from a local shop on the square and stroll down to check out all that they have to offer.


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Ashlyn Allsup was raised in Southeast Iowa. She currently works at an elementary school in a nearby area and resides in Fairfield. In her free time she enjoys hiking the trails with her dogs, kayaking, live music, and time with friends and family.