Fairfield Flavor

Unique Fairfield

Recently named by Smithsonian Magazine as one of America’s best small towns, Fairfield is unique. As a community, we are big on culture and thrive on creativity. Even though we're small, Fairfield lives like a big city. We have earned distinctions such as one of Iowa’s “Great Places” and being dubbed “America’s most unusual town” by Oprah. The most unique part about Fairfield? It has come to be known as Iowa’s most creative and eclectic small city.  It's pretty amazing for a town with about 10,000 people. As a community that moves to its own beat, Fairfield has embraced its contrasts and diversity. As a result, this community has become a cool place to spend your life… or a weekend!

Fairfield is located in the middle of Jefferson County in South East Iowa and is home to:

  • Fairfield is an immigration success story. Residents include students who represent over 60 different nationalities and cultures
  • A culturally rich downtown square, with unique shops, restaurants. Add in a quaint Central Park, complete with a picturesque gazebo
  • The Sondheim Center for the Performing Arts, THE center for entertainment in Southeast Iowa
  • We're busting at the seams with artists of all kinds: painters, sculptors, musicians, dancers, poets
  • There's art EVERYWHERE. Including public art in the downtown and displays in local galleries.
  • A picturesque trail that encircles the city. Take your bike through prairies, wetlands, and wooded areas.
  • More restaurants per capita than San Francisco. Choose food from over 12 different nationalities.
  • Home to Fairfield First Fridays, where we celebrate culture and community
  • A Vibrant Music Scene. Local Talent & Enthusiastic Audiences Make for Music Everywhere
  • A rich agricultural and industrial heritage
  • Over 40 Health & Wellness Practitioners
  • Maharishi University of Management
  • A Culture of Sustainability, with many homes and businesses powered by solar energy